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Al Sultan

Al Sultan

Elegant fusion and a contemporary interpretation of traditional aesthetics – that’s was the starting point for Alex Kovatchev and Studio IDEA, in creating the interior for the Lebanese restaurant Al Sultan, in the heart of London. The space’s decorative elements radiate both opulence and simple refinement. Typical Arabic elements have been unobtrusively woven into the environment’s classic modernity. A lace of metal mesh envelops oval shapes, sculptures the space and introduces sensual mystery to the atmosphere. Interpreted through the lighting’s decorative scheme, as well as the parquetry ornamentation, the primary symbol, inspired by Arabic aesthetics, is the main storyline, and a gentle, sensual composition of exotic opulence.
The WOW Effect
The metal mesh, designed by IDEA. The decorative element is inspired by Arabic aesthetics. The mesh has been sculpted into an ethereal veil to envelop the space in an exotic mystery.
Custom-designed lighting. The decorative element here matches that of the mesh, and the oval shape is in harmony with the fluidity of the space and its furnishing.
Parquet flooring. Yet another interpretation, this time on a larger scale, of the mesh’s decorative element. It births the interior’s characteristic rhythm.


  • Date : 21.09.2018