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Brilliant penthouse

Brilliant penthouse

An exquisite fusion project, combining the idea of exuberance from two cultures – East and West, as well as urbane indulgence, and poetic contemplation, this penthouse is reminiscent of both the Hollywood Golden Age and a traditional Japanese garden. Initially angular and antagonistic in its geometry, the space was reborn as a harmony of fluid forms. The sharp angles have been veiled by the curtains hanging off of curved rods and oval paneling, while the furnishing’s soft silhouettes are a continuation of the idea – fluidity’s soothing, comforting capacity. Many of the elements and details incorporated within this interior seem to be suspended in mid-air. They enhance the experience of casual refinement, highly valued by Alex Kovatchev and Studio IDEA. Soft lighting, complemented by pastel shades and turquoise accents, creates the sensation of being immersed in a golden lagoon.

The WOW Effect

The living room ceiling. The lamp’s ornamentation and opulence have transformed it into a poetic focal point, reminiscent of a translucent water surface, awakened by raindrops, or of a Japanese garden.
The golden trims of the walls upholstered in leather and silk. Apart from enhancing the softness and fluidity of the space, they also set the tone for one of the interior’s main themes.
“Soaring” decorative elements. The shelves, the lamps in the living room and dining room, the entryway mirror. The effect has been achieved through combined use of materials and lighting.
Ample comfort is found in the Flexform sofa, the Fendi Casa armchairs, Bentley Home lounger, and Giorgetti stools. Their oval forms mimic the environments oval character, create soothing delight in the fireplace seating area, and sign the interior with the handwriting of a contemporary classic.
The screen with ethereal golden ornamentation, which separates the bed from the boudoir. This detail and the refined play of translucence-obscurity, come together to highlight a sensual experience, hidden within this bedroom.
The nook for reading and lounging near the display – a harmonious symphony of the trademark Tom Dixon style (the sofa and stools), the extravagant chic of the Ginger & Jagger mirror, and the delicate refinement of the Fendi lighting fixture.
The boudoir and dressing room – an intimate space, exuding comfort and sensuality, imagined out of Chesterfield ornamentation, ebony, leather, and brass.


  • Date : 30.09.2018