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Holding Office

Holding Office

A professional expression of class and prestige, ease and comfort – that’s what this Sofia office was designed for. Classical elements have been combined with elegant Industrial Age references. The glow of polished shapes and surfaces contrasts against unexpected, natural textures. One of the company’s areas of expertise is transportation and logistics, which became a focal point for the design concept that Alex Kovatchev and Studio IDEA came up with. The road is a theme that has been subtly incorporated and is an architecturally decorative element within the interior. Alternating between dense and translucent surfaces has added to the space’s characteristic fluidity and calls for a diversification of viewpoints. Graphite shades and wooden paneling complete the sense of elegant chic, and the lighting – an abundant combination of trademark designer pieces, sections the space into both functionally and emotionally separate areas.

The WOW Effect

The reception area ceiling. A layout of wooden paneling, reminiscent of tracks for the lighting elements, is a story told through design, with the main theme being the company’s work in transportation and logistics. The panel’s positioning has been inspired by a map of Berlin, also a part of the company’s history. The ceiling has been accentuated by a geometrical composition of brilliant glass ornaments. The theme of the road is mirrored in the reception’s decorative grid.
The vertical garden. Apart from enhancing the reception area with natural vigor, it also vividly contrasts against the polished marble, glass, and wood surfaces – both through shades and textures. A sofa and armchairs by Zuiver are the center point for an elegant, comfortable waiting area, in close proximity to the vertical garden.
A variety of meeting and conference areas. Created through an imaginative shift in aesthetics – from aristocratic nightlife to bohemian-industrial.


  • Date : 16.09.2018