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Intercontinental Hotel Sofia

Intercontinental Hotel Sofia

The approach here has characteristic boldness and depth, fitting for this iconic building in Sofia, located on one of the most important city squares. As focal points of inspiration for their aesthetic message, Alex Kovatchev and Studio IDEA focused on the fact that the square in front of Intercontinental Hotel Sofia is eminently connected to some of the most important events in Bulgaria’s most recent historical period. The area encompasses a drive for change, hope, youth, and freedom. Through sheer imagination, these concepts have been translated to the language of interior design and have been expressed in a graceful installation (a harmony of art and lighting), which veils the hotel’s entire entryway with a symphony of emotion. An elevated graphic theme has been extended into paneling, wall art, a careful selection of furniture and accessories. Here, refined elegance has been combined with subtle extravagance. Mysterious aristocratic grace, class and abundance intertwine in the space’s new exuberance.

The WOW Effect

The delicate wire sculpture of a girl and the cascade of glass lamps, soaring in the air similar to tender dandelion puff. The installation, which combines art and design, is a metaphor for youthfulness and freedom of flight full of hope.
The extravagantly shaped sculptural reception. A poetically contrasting combination of materials, textures, reflections, austerity and grace.
Brass detailing has been woven into the assertive severity of the graphic theme, as well as shades of pink and blue – in the stained glass windows and upholsteries, for a taste of unexpected, sensual refinement.


  • Date : 16.09.2018