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Mr Pizza

Mr Pizza

To tell the tale of la dolce vita, extravagant and full of life, for modern romantics – that’s what Alex Kovatchev and Studio IDEA wanted to achieve with this interior. The concept of luxury has been envisioned in the midst of an enchanted forest. The project swirls everything around, much like a crystal ball. The gardens have been perched on top and the sky is below. Fireflies and reflections are scattered around the space. This design is spinning around, to the rhythm of Rock&Roll, to create a magical oasis, gourmet for all the senses.

The WOW Effect

Hanging gardens. They create a magical effect and the sense that this is an enchanted place. When it is housed by a contemporary building in the heart of the city, as it is here, the influence is even more captivating. The trend of turning back to nature has been interpreted through the idea of opulence and affluence.
Poetical lighting. It follows the shape and flow of the hanging gardens and trees, to highlight their effect and amplify a sense of mysticism.
Bold, daring aluminum Rock&Roll chares, by Studio Job for Seletti (who reimagined traditional garden furniture from the 18th century as a “hyper kitschy industrial” fantasy) combined with classic velvet upholsteries in sky-blue and earthy shades. All of this spins the interior in a time warp, making is simultaneously trendy and timeless.


  • Date : 16.09.2018