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Au Courant Residence


Alex Kovatchev

About This Project


Located in one of the most prestigious southern districts of the city of Pleven, this house is a dream come true for a luxurious and modern home, which gives its owners the opportunity for both privacy and pleasant communication with friends. Its generous area of over 900 square meters enabled our team to unfold a rich interior program, which, in addition to the traditional living spaces, includes also a second living room, an English courtyard, spa and gym in the basement. In the personal living room of the owners, the high class of the design is clearly manifested in the selection of furniture and materials. We relied on Giorgetti sofas and exquisite Fendi coffee tables that bring finesse and lightness to the interior, and the leather cladding of the walls, the shelves with an illuminated back made of semi-precious stone alabaster, and the unique made-to-order lighting fixture, create a unique feeling of coziness and luxury. We have found an innovative and modern solution for a delicate case – the elegant implementation of the TV set in the interior of the home, built-in behind Stopsol glass, which allows it to remain hidden when the screen is off, and the fireplace located under it contributes to the feeling of exclusivity and comfort.
The second living room is designed to welcome guests, where the boundary between the ‘outside’ and the ‘inside’ is blurred thanks to the sliding windows that open completely to the pool and yard. The guest room is separated into two areas by an interesting accent – a fish tank built into the wall, which separates the seating area from the large dining table, and the theme of water continues with an artistic plaster ornament on the wall.
The bedrooms are also spacious, where we rely on large windows and upholstered walls. The materials used are metal, leather and textile, and the furniture and lighting are a product of leading manufacturers such as Serip and Etro. Here again we have found an interesting solution for the TV set – it is retracted by a special mechanism into a cabinet in front of the bed.
In the basement of the house, there is a fitness and spa center, separated by an impressive two-sided fireplace. A green wall with an English courtyard creates space in the windowless room.



Over the past year, people around the world appreciated the importance of the connection with nature for their well-being and mental health. In this house, we offer owners and their guests a unique opportunity, thanks to the sliding doors of the living room, to be both ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ and simultaneously enjoy the comfort of the luxury house and the fresh air and pool views.