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Project :

Living in Paradise

Design by :

Alex Kovatchev

About This Project


About the Project: Living in Paradise is a remarkable private residence project inspired by the eternal theme of paradise. The property’s interior is based on our exploration of portraying paradise in art and revolves around the idea of “What would paradise look like today if it were a house?”

The interior exudes tranquility, combining the white and golden-beige tones reminiscent of the sky. The color palette is chosen to evoke a sensation of strolling through the clouds, and the visual sophistication of the design transforms this home into a true heavenly retreat.


How did we achieve the WOW effect?

In Living in Paradise, we endeavored to recreate paradise through carefully selected interior elements. Light plays a key role in realizing the project – its warm glow, resting upon the golden hues, creates an atmosphere that captivates visitors. Inspiration from the clouds intertwines with finesse and grace in textiles and decorations, further enhancing the sense of infinity and freedom. The combination of brands such as Baxter, Trussardi, Galotti&Radice, and Serip in the interior further intensifies the feeling of an “Earthly paradise.”
The end result is a blend of luxury and homely comfort, creating a sense of perfect harmony and life amid nature.