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A home on wheels, a residence in the ocean waves or an office high above the clouds – we understand your passion and may give it the extraordinary face it deserves. Our interior design service for yachts, ships and aircraft will transform the interior of your mobile rooms and turn them into a place with a distinctive, individual and recognizable spirit. Because we know that details matter.


Yachts and aircraft

Benetti Yacht B.NOW 50 ft. Inspired by elegant, clean, exposed lines we are working to transform this luxurious yacht into an elegant, comfortable and impressive place for fun and relaxation.

Yachts and aircraft

Entirely inspired by the theme of the sea, this yacht is a luxurious “home among the waves”.

Yachts and aircraft

Sunseeker is a place for floating peace with an interior of shiny and matte surfaces that harmonize with the dynamic temperament of the ocean waves.

Yachts and aircraft

The interior of this flying residence is strongly influenced by our idea of stylish, clean and elegant luxury, while providing the maximum level of ergonomics and safety for its users.