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Utopia House

Design by:

Alex Kovatchev

About This Project


“Utopia House” stands as an impressive project nestled at the foot of Vitosha. From the moment you step onto the property, an emotion envelops you, transporting you to another reality—a realm of absolute perfection that engages all the senses. The stunning interior, meticulously crafted by IDEA, embodies an intuitive and empathetic approach tailored to fulfill the distinctive needs of a family of five.


How did we achieve the WOW effect?

The ambiance within “Utopia House” seamlessly integrates luxury, coziness, elegance, and practicality. The project harmoniously blends exquisite craftsmanship with striking details that captivate attention, even in peripheral vision. Futurism, minimalism, and biophilic design converge in the impressive vertical garden, housing living plants—a genuine fusion of art and nature.

The outdoor garden, adorned with exquisite Gardeco sculptures, along with the pool and outdoor gym, complements the opulent and functional essence of the venue.

“Utopia House” is purposefully designed to offer a shared space where each family member can express their individuality. This approach ensures the family remains connected while affording everyone their privacy. The spatial design ingeniously combines beauty, elegance, practicality, and a unique fusion of art and nature—a masterful interior that transports us to a snug world of beauty and harmony.